Home News DJ Cuppy performs at her grandma’s 90th birthday party (video)

DJ Cuppy performs at her grandma’s 90th birthday party (video)


DJ Cuppy performs at her grandma

DJ Cuppy performed at her paternal grandma’s 90th birthday party on Sunday April 3, and she called it an honour.


The DJ took to Instagram to share a video of her performance and her grandma proudly looking on.


She wrote: “IMAGINE the HONOUR to perform to your grandma at her 90th birthday at your hometown?! I can, ONLY for this unforgettable moment and special blessing…


“To be honest I was a bit reluctant to perform when it was requested because for most of the year I’ve been so focused on university and been hiding in Oxford, PLUS I haven’t been to Nigeria in years. I had so much anxiety! But I’m so happy I was able to make it to Epe in time.


“Last time I performed here was at my Grandad’s funeral 7 years ago but today reminded me that we MUST celebrate our grandparents as life can be so short!”


DJ Cuppy performs at her grandma


Watch the performance below.



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