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Do These 3 Things In Bed And You’ll Make Him CRAZY For You!



Here’s how to get him UP and running quickly!

Learning how to physically excite a man is surprisingly easy. There are just a few things you need to do.Read on to learn the three ways you can get and keep his attention in the bedroom and how to get him hard. Trust me when I say he won’t stop thinking about you!

1. Learn how to touch him.

The first and most important thing to master if you want to give your man a hard-on is learning how to touch him in a sexy, sensual and suggestive way. Now I’m not saying that you should go straight for his crotch. I’m talking about how you touch his arms, back and chest. Fast, awkward touching is not going to turn him on. Instead, you want to touch him very slowly and gracefully. You also want to make sure to let your hand linger for just a little longer that you would do to a friend, but not so long that it starts to feel creepy for him.

2. Talk dirty.

Talking dirty to a guy is another awesome way to get him excited. Before you go and start talking dirty to your guy, there are a few things to master first. Don’t be explicit. Being explicit is great when you are both in the bedroom. However, in public it can be a real land mine and make things get awkward with your man, very fast. A much better way to approach talking dirty to a guy when you are in public, at a party together or just hanging out is to be much more subtle.

3. Don’t be goofy.

The last thing I have to say is that you must avoid being goofy as much as possible. I’m not saying that you should act like a proper princess, but if you are usually one to joke around, try toning it back a bit and amping up your sexiness. Use the tips above to get you started!

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