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Do these 5 things if she is not enjoying the S EX

The way and frequency of your thru sts will always determine the kind of plea sure your woman gets, so you need to get creative.

These five tips could help.

1. Ins ert and rock: You can try ins erting and simply roc king back and forth. You may want to add synchronized breathing too.

2. Shallow thr usting. It does not have to be all deep, all the time. The most sensitive ner ve endings in the va gina are near the opening and 1 to 2 inches inside. A pe nis that is average or long may not adequately stim ulate that area with only deep th rusting.

For the male, shallow th rusting allows constant stimulation of the head of the pe nis, the coro nal ridge and the fren ulum, all very sensitive areas. Many lovers enjoy several shallow th-rusts before each full thrust.

3. Deeper thr-usts: This are still good too. It brings the man’s pubic bone in contact with the woman’s cli-toral area and also pulls on the inner lips, which provides more stim-ulation to the cl-itoral area.

4. The number 9: This is a s ex move based on the number 9. Start with 9 shall-ow stro-kes and 1 dee-p, then 8 sh-allow and 2 deep, 7 shallow and 3 deep, etc. While this is not the most ideal due to the amount of brain work required (who can calculate when trying to or-gasm, right) you can try as much as possible to apply your thrusts to this frequency.

5. Vary the speed: You can also try the th-rust and hold technique, where you thrust and stay still, giving her a chance to feel your depth. Another option is thru-sting in a circular motion

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