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Do This If You Want To Clear Dark Spots Fast!



Looking to clear dark spots fast and without side effects? This home made mask is all the magic you need.

Dark spots may appear as a result of a cluster of melanic usually after exposure to sun, sometimes they are left in the wake of acne and other blemishes and they are stubborn to get rid of but that’s why we are here!

Treating the skin, especially lightening certain areas on the face or body is best done with products without side effects and this mask – combining honey and tomatoes work perfectly for that.

You need

Fresh tomato juice & Honey

Dark Spots - Tomato, honey mask

(SIncerely Kinsey)

What to do
  • Squeeze juice from fresh tomatoes into a clean bowl
  • Add natural honey (same amount as tomato juice)
  • Apply the mixture to a clean face and let sit for about 20 mins
  • Rinse off and let airdry
Does this work?
Dark Spots

(Dimma Umeh)

Yes because tomatoes are rich in antioxidants that keep the skin brighter and softer. They naturally lighten/bleach dark spots and work to gently even out skintones while also shrinking large pores. It’s used a lot in skincare. Honey has great anti-bacterial properties that keeps the skin youthful because it slows down aging and also keeps it soft and supple because it’s intensely moisturizing.

Do you use tomatoes or honey as part of your skincare routine?  

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