Doctors Pull Out 7-Inch Fish From A Man’s Throat After He Put It In Mouth While Fishing

The 24-year-old angler, from Colombia, was fishing for food for his family in a lake in the municipality of Pivijay, Magdalena on Friday, January 23.


The fisherman had a fish lodged in his throat and suffered difficulty in breathing 

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In what will come across as a really surprising development, after suffering a freak fishing accident, a man has had a seven-inch-long fish removed from his throat, reports Daily Star UK.

On Friday, January 23, a 24-year-old angler from Colombia was fishing for food for his family in a lake in the municipality of Pivijay, Magdalena.

He threw the fishing line back into the water after a successful first catch, and soon noticed another fish bit his bait.

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Not knowing what to do, while reeling in the second, the man decided to keep the first catch in his mouth.

The moment he put the fish in his mouth, however, it shifted to try and free itself and ended up lodged in the throat of the young man.

He admitted himself to Santander Herrera Hospital, but the situation could not be explained.

An X-ray inspection was performed by the medical staff and they realised he was choking on a fish.

As the medical staff examines the foreign object with a pair of forceps, the grim video shows the rapid medical procedure.

He explains: “Something extraordinary, ladies and gentlemen. A young man in Pivijay swallowed a fish.”

“We removed the foreign object from his oesophagus.”

He pulls out a bloodied fish covered in saliva seconds later. The fish is 18 centimetres long.

The fisherman was kept in hospital during the weekend in order to remain under observation, but there were no reports of serious injury to him.

Reportedly, the type of fish that he nearly choked was from the Mojarra family.


Source: Daily Star UK