Don’t Be Deceived: If Your Pastor Asks You To Do These 5 Things, Run For Your Life

People are always desperate for miracles, healing and a solution to their problem that they end up doing very ‘strange things’ ordered by some so called ‘men of God’.

The economic situation in the country, the desperation to get married and have children, the desperation for healing and the urge to get quick money have made people preys of pastors. You must have read reports from different blogs and heard stories about strange things some pastors ask people to do for their miracle to manifest.

When it comes to religion, people (especially Africans), tend to discard their rationality. They would do whatever they are ordered to do by their pastor no matter how ridiculous it looks. We’ve heard cases of pastors asking congregants to eat grass, drink fuel and all sorts of unimaginable things.

Strange as it sounds, people who receive such instructions from their pastors never seem to complain. Pastors, who are supposed to be God’s representatives on earth are now becoming a problem to society.

A number of them have become ‘kings of controversy’, and people are beginning to wonder if they were really called by God. Some pastors are having a field day misleading people who cannot discern when God is speaking and when man is.

There are still some good and respectable men of God out there but sadly, the deeds of a few bad ones make more news. Here is a list of ‘strange’ things that pastors have asked congregants to do.

1. Fall asleep in the freezer:

South African based pastor knows no bounds as he keeps directing his congregants to do absurd things like eating grass and hair. Recently, he commanded a woman to enter inside a deep freezer that was on a high freezing point and ordered her to fall into deep sleep. Thirty minutes later, he opened the freezer and asked the woman to come out. When she was asked how she felt, she replied: “That inside the deep refridgerator was very hot and she didn’t feel any coldness of the ice in the deep freezer”.


2. Sucking demons out:

A Kenyan-based Nigerian pastor, who goes by the name, Pastor Chijioke, admitted that he ‘delivers’ women by sucking their br**sts. He sucks ‘demons’ out of women’s b**bs. The name of his church is ‘chest and Honey Harvest Church’, which according to him was chosen because ‘the spirit lies in the chest of a lady; the more you suck the chest the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord. When did demons start residing in br**sts and why is only that of women?

3. Ditch your bras and pants while coming to church so God can enter your body:

A pastor, described only as the Rev. Njohi, asked his female congregants at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Dandora to come for Sunday’s service without any underwear “in order to be closer to God” and so “God can enter their bodies”. This leaves us to wonder why only women were ordered to do so.

4. Get unclad for total healing:

A young Pretoria pastor made his congregation strip during a weeknight service. After they were done stripping, he sat on top of them and prayed for them. Now who knew you’d get total healing by getting unclad in church?

5. Strip unclad for pastor to plant holy kiss that will make your husband locate you.

Single women of a church in the Caribbean were reportedly taken to the beach by their pastor. He asked them to get unclad and bend over so he could plant a “holy kiss” on their b*tt. This ‘holy kiss’ would enable them find their husbands. How gullible can one be?


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Written by Princess J

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