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\”Don\’t Damage People Emotionally Just To Look Cool


Social media has gradually become a yardstick to measure success and growth for many people in society.

Actress, Omoni Oboli has rolled out an expensive piece of advice to everyone who gets into the ‘social world’ daily.

The award-winning mother of four advised that if you can’t hurt someone in real life, then it’s not worth doing on social media. She also noted that being mean to people because you are behind a keyword will never be cool.

She wrote,

“Social media is slowly becoming ‘real life’ so darling, if you won’t take a knife to stab someone in real life, don’t do it on social media. Be kind with your words. Don’t damage people emotionally just to look cool and have people call you savage! It doesn’t matter how ‘woke’ you are, meanness will NEVER be cool! BE KIND!

“Everyone is going through stuff! Don’t be the reason someone ends it all…yes some people are that close!”

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