Don’t divide Nigeria with your utterances – Nollywood actor, Bolaji Amusan warns politicians

A popular Nollywood actor and producer, Bolaji Amusan has said Nigeria must remain together as one indivisible entity, warning politicians to watch their tongues.

Amusan, also known as Mr Latin, is the National President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPPAN).

For Nigeria to remain one, the thespian warned politicians and leaders in the country to desist from making utterances that were capable of disintegrating the nation.

The CEO of Mr. Latin TV urged leaders, irrespective of their religious, ethnic or political affiliations, to always promote peaceful coexistence among their people.

In a statement on Tuesday, Amusan, who was worried by the state of the nation, said, “it is getting clearer that Nigeria needs to be united more than ever and our leaders must play their role in ensuring that Nigerians live in peace and harmony.”

He stressed that “our leaders must desist from making utterances that are capable of setting the country on fire; they must always preach unity, peace and harmony.”

To him, Nigerians are not enemies to one another; rather, “our common enemy is hunger, poverty and COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We must all come together as one and fight these enemies of Nigeria because in unity lies our strength”, the actor said.