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‘Don’t Lose A Good Man Because He Mistakenly Impregnated Another Woman’ – Man Preaches



A Nigerian man has stirred controversy by telling ladies to always stick to their cheating partners who ‘mistakenly’ impregnate other women in the cause of their escapades.

He argued most of these men who get caught up in this mess are good persons but if a lady should decide to use his negativity as the sole reason why she wants to quit the relationship, then she would end up losing something valuable. The Twitter user identified as Anaegbu Achara gave the advice, saying;

”Don’t lose a good man because he mistakenly impregnated another woman.”

In other news, a Nigerian doctor who often shares medical and other useful information on social media has revealed in a new post on Twitter that there is a higher chance of a man getting the dreaded HIV from his girlfriend than from a sex worker.

Dr. Penking as his name goes said an NGO carried out HIV tests on all the prostitutes in a brothel but didn’t record any positive case. He stated that it’s because the call girls are careful having realized that their job is risky, so they hardly allow their clients to sleep with them without protection.

On the flipside, the young doctor said a sexual partner is likely to infect her man with the deadly disease because there’s zero tolerance for safety and precaution shrouded in love.


He wrote; “An NGO did HIV test in a brothel yesterday. They didn’t get even one positive. Quite surprisingly, it is more likely for your girlfriend to be HIV positive than it is for a prost!tute. This is because your girlfriend will allow you and two others hit raw. Use condom always.

Name of NGO is [email protected] and they are committed to providing free healthcare to the most vulnerable groups of people in Nigeria and Africa.”


. ‘Don’t Lose A Good Man Because He Mistakenly Impregnated Another Woman’ – Man Preaches Follow GhGossip.

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