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Don’t Stop Doing It! 8 Weird, Scary Effects Of Not Having S*x

Today’s Americans have far less s*x in comparison to the . generation.

Are you excited to hear the word “s*x”? I’m excited to hear this word. If you’re excited, then it’s good for you.

There are numerous advantages to having a good s*x life, However, there are severe drawbacks too if you stop having s*x. You might be surprised to hear about people who are not having s*x and there are plenty of people who just stopped having s*x.

According to a study, Americans at present have far less s*x in comparison to the . generation. It might either be due to the over-commercialization of s*x or other various reasons. They are not so excited to hear the word “s*x”.

If you’re one of those people who stopped having s*x, then you should do each and everything you can to improve your s*x life to have more s*x again.

There are consequences of not having s*x for a long period of time. These consequences will definitely make you aware of where you’re heading if you’re not having s*x and are pretty scary.

These are the effects of not having s*x or when you stopped having s*x altogether:

1. You will feel worthless.

One of the worst feelings in the world feeling worthless, and this is what happens to you if you don’t have s*x. You’re more likely to feel depressed if you move on with your life without having s*x. On the brighter side, regular s*xual intercourse helps fight depression.
2. You will have strange dreams.

s*x is one of the basic requirements of your body. Not having s*x leads a person to have strange dreams and is an indication of a bad s*x life. Many people unexpectedly dream of having s*x or climax when they are living their life without a s*xual intercourse.

3. It will become more difficult to get aroused.

Forget about a satisfying s*x life when you find it even harder to get aroused. This is what a life without s*x does to you. You may be having a hard time believing it at this point, but it’s a fact.

Men are likely to experience an Release problem along with a low s*x drive and women are likely to face an climax issue.

4. Your stress levels will increase.

Stress is a very serious issue for everyone. Chronic stress can lead to many adverse effects in your body. There are many ways to reduce your stress and having a s*x is one of the best ways to do it. An active s*x life helps reduce the level of stress hormones in your body.
5. Your immunity power weakens.

A stronger immune system can protect you from various diseases. A weaker immune system means you are more likely to catch some kind of sickness. If you don’t want to fall sick quickly, then you need to start taking action to improve your s*x life.

You can boost your immune system . just having a good s*x with your partner.

6. The risk for cancer increases.

Prostate cancer is one of the serious forms of cancer among men. According to the statistics, around 1 in 7 men in their lifetime will be diagnosed with a prostate cancer. It is also the third leading cause of cancer-. deaths in the United States of America.

Not having s*x for a longer period of time will further increase the risk of a prostate cancer. Consider flushing out your pipe on a regular basis to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
7. You will have relationship problems.

Regular communication and regular s*xual intercourse are required to maintain a healthy marital life. According to a study, a lower frequency of s*x is one of the major causes of divorce.

You don’t want a divorce, do you? Moreover, when you rarely sleep together with your partner, the distance between you and your partner becomes greater. You will start finding other people attractive instead of your partner.

8. You will start losing your desire for s*x.

How boring would a life be without having a desire for s*xual intercourse? This is the outcome of not having s*x for a longer period of time; you will have a lower s*x drive.

Not having s*x for a long period of time means you are not stimulating your s*xual organs, which leads to a reduction in the production of your s*xual hormones, which kills any desire for s*x.

This article is not about giving you bad news. It’s written to make you aware of the dangers of staying away from s*x. Having a wonderful s*x life will not only enhance your overall health, but it will increase your wealth as well. It’s no joke.

According to a study, a person with an active s*x life is more likely to make more money in comparison to those who are staying away from a s*x.

Do you want to restrain yourself from all the benefits of having an active s*x life? If no, then do everything you can to make your s*x life wonderful again.

.: Yourtango

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