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Don’t turn your husbands to monsters, Yomi Casual reacts to Korra Obiri’s divorce


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Celebrity stylist, Yomi Casual, has reacted to the marital issues surrounding popular dancer Korra Obiri and her husband.

Recall that a week into welcoming their second child, Korra’s husband, Justin Dean, had announced that he will be having a divorce with his wife.

He noted how his wife has been treating him in their marriage which he put out in a series of posts on social media. He also pointed out infidelity rumour in the marriage.

Yomi Casual, on his Instagram page, stated that wives should stop turning their husbands into monsters.

He pointed out that husbands are not competing with their wives even if she is a boss or a business owner.

He wrote, “Dear wife’s, please don’t use your hands to turn your caring husband into a monster. It is OK to be a boss lady but please, don’t bring that vibe to your husband if he is a sweetheart from Day 1. He is not your competition.

“Ladies, when you find a good man, please don’t treat him like what you have been through. He came into your life to make things beautiful and different.”

. however has generated reactions in the comment section. Some fans said the stylist should send the message to his wife directly instead of trying to react to another’s.

One said, “You can say the name though and stop going through corners.”

Another fan said, “Werey you go tell us wetin happen now make street support you.”

“Talk to your wife direct. Stop going through corners.”

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