Double dating is filled with so much bundles of excitements and fun once you explore the many ideas you can find here. With these following ideas you can’t go wrong, so loosen up and start catching fun with other couples you’re friends with or even make new acquaintances.

1. Make reservation for a group dinner at a restaurant or fast food

Having couples’ dinner out means having lots of fresh topics or stories to talk about, once you involve other couple. Sharing jokes and happy stories both of you already know with the other couple and vise versa it will still feel like a wonderful joke since there could be a different laughable reactions from each person. You get to spend time with two good friends and feel like a date at the same time. How great can that get!

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2. Visit the Shopping Mall Together

I prefer to call it “window shopping” you don’t necessarily need to buy anything, a survey of the new products you never even thought about – which you probably need – at the mall; mingling with a small crowd and sharing opinions about items that interests you could just be ideal for a double dating.

3. Visit the Amusement Parks

A trip to the park could be ideal place to visit for double dating,  it’s also a  means to hang out with both your friends or relatives form a stronger bond with them, hence improving your social activities.

4. Try DIY Tournament like  Snooker Game

So long it doesn’t get competitive and its a game you all agree on, then a  nice get together activity would be ideal for couples on a double date.

5. Host a Wine Tasting Date

As fancy as the idea seem to be, the thought of it can be quiet exciting and egoistic especially for wine lovers. It always help you appreciate the taste of wine while learning more on wine trends and taste from the one another.

6. Take a Yacht Trip or Tour

This could be a most sensational and romantic double dating trip to remember. Experiences like this doesn’t come often, the couple are sure of serene, fresh sea experience full of romantic moments and strong bonding between their friends and to each other.

7. Arrange different Kind of cooking  Dinner Date

The couples can choose food ingredients of their preferences and preparing a delicious meal together, with each sharing their own ideas and methods. This brings proximity between you, your partner and friends.

8. Go out on an outdoor food Variety picnic 

Hmmmm, an outdoor picnic might sound so usual, but it never looses its luster once you try it with other couples whom you’re friends or acquainted with. In a park with nice view and certain solidarity, it helps the couples feel relaxed around each other and feel free to chat about anything.

9. Host A Game Night

Game night gets more exciting if it involve more than two couples. The game could start with a nice dinner and then drinks to go round while relaxing on the game of poker, card game, some soft music at the background. This might mostly seem “all men” kind of get together but presence of girls makes it more luscious.

10. Plan A Dinner-Movie Night

The movie can be watched indoor or outdoor according to preference. Also, choosing the type of movie to watch can get a little controversial since couples can have other movie preference; we all agree that girls like the more romantic-fantasy movie, men on the other hand enjoys more of action driven movies. Hence seeking opinions to choosing a combination of both in the movie can make a date very cozy with happy endings. If children are involved, you might be surprise at how relaxed the can be around such setting.

11. Go bowling or . miniature golf 

Call it a game date if you like, you will rediscover the child-like easy-go fellows you all become once you start rolling the ball and scoring. It could be a welcome relieve from the usual routine in your love life and relationship with your partner and friends.

12. Plan a weekend get away

Could be going on a camping trip, staying in a hotel or staying over in the other couple’s  house etc.  Double dating on a weekend vacation with another couple, gives you more confident and you feel safer lurking after dark or staying back at a party after dinner. Or what’s more? you get to change and have feel of another environment. ie If properly planned based on mutuality.

13. Attend a Concert

Couples going together on a double date at a popular concert brings back some of the excitements in your relationship; it get cozy and romantic once the concert is over and both couples get home for a nice rest.

14. Go Kayaking or Boat Pedaling

This is another fun game ideas for double dating which actual feels like an outdoor exercise and a romantic cozy-up river activity. You can hire a pedal boat or a kayak to enjoy some good river swing and perhaps have a little friendly couples competition.

15. Visit a Karaoke Bar

Singing together at the karaoke bar makes a double date more laughter and fun fare. A means to amuse each other and discover your singing talents makes double dating the type that you’d always look forward to.

16. Go Karting together

You either do this at the amusement park or at a Karting arena. Using the arena makes it more like a car race. This could be a new and wonderful experience for both couples if they decide on it. The mare thought of this idea gets the mind very excited in anticipation.

17. Go club dancing or dancing class

Dancing brings a hilarious moment for couples who loves having a good time, no matter how clumsy you might feel about dancing in public, the music and the presence of other couples can makes feel at ease; like you can be better at dancing. Giving both couples splendid moments and pleasant memories.

18. Attend a Comedy club for a good laugh

Double dating at a comedy hall or club is worth giving a try. This is a popular outing activity among couples in Nigeria. You get to laugh and relief the stress and tension in your life and rekindle your relationship.

19. Go bicycle Ride together

As ridiculous as cycling may sound for some people, you will realize how much you miss swinging the pedal of that bicycle swiftly down a free road. And you might even be perplexed at how you never get to learn how to ride one. That will get you laughing freely and feeling alive again.

These double date Ideas can be complicated sometimes doesn’t it, but let’s look at it this way; think about the reasons to have couples’ get together occasionally.

Other Double Dating Ideals

  • Visit the Aquarium
  • Go swimming at the pool or beach
  • Go Hiking
  • Scuba Diving

Reasons Why Double Dating Can be a Complement in your Relationship

  • It helps improve your social lifestyle
  • You get to know each other’s friends and how to relate to them
  • Discover something new about each other through the other couple
  • It just might loosens up any tension in your relations with your spouse and friends
  • You get to learn more about how the other couples relates to one another (Good or Bad) to help you understand your own love life better
  • It brings back the fun and sparks into a staling relationship
  • There’s always an improvement in the conversation mood; four people chatting about every interesting topics and stories.
  • It bring balance to your love life and friendships with others.

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Admit it or not, love relationships can get extremely bland as time passes by especially for married couples or companions with long term live-in arrangements. Therefore surrounding yourselves with “good” friends whom you both spend mutual times with can be a great  “relief rout” from a dwindling, boring household routines.


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