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Drunk customer who left $1,000 tip at restaurant asks for it back the next day



A drunk customer who put down a $1,088 tip for a meal returned to the restaurant the next morning to ask for it back.
The unnamed man was dining at the Thailicious restaurant in Edgewater, Colorado when he tucked into a meal which was so good he wanted to reward it.But the waiter was stunned when the reward turned out to be $1,000..
He took it to his boss, Bee Anantatho, who was thrilled, but warned her staff to hold on to the money overnight.She says the waiter’s response was pure happiness.
She told the Denver Post,

He said he’d read a lot of stories like this, but usually the tip is a couple hundred dollars, not $1,000,” adding: “He was so happy.”

Husband and wife owners of the restaurant
Husband and wife owners of the restaurant

The next morning, the hungover diner returned with a red face.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry, I was drunk. He didn’t know he put all the money he had in the checkbook,” Ms Anantatho.
She gave the money back to him, and he gave her $100 to cover the dinner, about $60, and the rest for a tip.

Although disappointed for her staff, which thought it had earned a major tip, she’s content with the way she handled an embarrassing situation, making it easy for the customer.
“I think he will come back,” she said.



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