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Easy and Sustainable Fashion Choices You Need To Make This Summer


Fashion is a gigantic industry that is only growing as time goes on. Its environmental impact is questionable, so while you may not be able to change the way designers and clothing companies conduct business, you can make sustainable decisions about your wardrobe. Here are some easy and sustainable fashion choices to make this summer.

Repurpose Older Items

Instead of getting rid of a piece when you feel bored with it, try repurposing it into something else. For example, you can turn oversized shirts into cute midriff-baring tops, old jeans into denim bags or bandanas, and pants into shorts. Consumers buy many clothing items they quickly tire of, which means they end up in the back of drawers and closets—or worse yet, the landfill. Instead of tossing these out or letting them pile up unworn in the back of your closet, turn them into a new wardrobe staple with a brand-new purpose!

Shop at Thrift Stores

Shopping at major retailers is the easiest and most convenient way to buy clothes, but many of these businesses and the brands they stock are not the most environmentally conscious. Some stock greener options, but shopping at thrift stores is the best alternative. Buying secondhand clothes from thrift stores doubles the lifespan of items, effectively cutting fashion waste in half. If you are also worried about styles going out of fashion, thrift stores are full of staple items and one-of-a-kind accessories that will round out your wardrobe every season.

Purchase Linen Items

Linen is an excellent fabric for the summer because it’s light and breezy, but it’s also one of the most sustainable fabrics. Thrifters consider it quite a coup to find a linen garment among the racks, as these classic items are nearly always made well and never go out of style. Linen’s airiness is perfect for the summer heat, and you can wear it with a clean conscience. Manufacturers make linen from flax, a plant that requires much less water to grow than other textiles. It is also one of the most biodegradable fabrics, meaning when it inevitably ends up in a landfill, it will not have as severe an impact as other fabrics.

Invest in Quality Pieces

Even if you follow all the above tips, you’ll still need to purchase newer pieces here and there. While this is the case, you can skip the cheaper option that will get worn out after several uses and instead invest in a piece that will last forever. Lower prices are alluring, but you will need to repurchase pieces when they wear out. A more expensive piece can not only look better but be more durable throughout the years. Consider this before letting price tags dictate your decision.

These easy and sustainable fashion choices to make this summer will not only help with your budget but will also allow you to help the environment. Sustainability is not a simple on-or-off switch; it’s a lifestyle change and is one of the most significant first steps you can take.


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