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Easy Ways to Soften Natural Hair



Natural hair is beautiful! No doubt about that, but, like every beautiful thing that would last, you need to take care of it. Our natural African hair is most times (you know there are some Africans with long soft hair) thick and can be quite coarse and that creates one of the major challenges with taking care of natural hair.

So, ladies, if you are planning to go natural or already gone natural and wondering how to get your hair to look soft and silky, we have some solutions for you.

Deep Conditioning with Essential Oils

Natural oils, from carrot oil, almond oil, Shea butter and more, are effective for  softening natural hair. Using your favorite moisturizing conditioner add one or two essential oils, you can also add a teaspoon or two of either almond, coconut, castor, olive oil and sleep with it overnight and rinse out thoroughly in the morning.

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Leave-In Conditioners
The key here is finding the conditioner that works for your hair. Leave in conditioners can make a difference to the feel of the hair especially if they are moisturizing. Find one that works well for your hair, that does not leave build ups and makes your hair feel soft and healthy. Seal in the moisture with a natural oil and feel the difference in your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar
This liquid made from fermented apples, it balances the pH on the scalp and makes the hair feel soft silky. You can also use it as final rinse for your hair after a wash to make your hair feel soft. For an extra effect you can add 1/2-cup of honey to 1/2 cup of ACV  when you use it as a rinse.

You can also spray your hair daily with water or a water-based spritz. Some natural hair ladies feel the need to spray morning and evening, if you want that, go for it. Seal it with oil, Oil is not a moisturizer; oil prevents water from evaporating from your hair.

Try not to wash your hair with hot water. Hot water will make the hair dry and brittle. Use cool water or lukewarm water when you wash or rinse your hair. Avoid hair appliances as much as you can. Set blow dryer to the lowest setting when you need to use it. The heat from hair appliances can make your hair dry and rough.

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