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Eat These Foods to Grow Healthy and Perfect Nails



Here are 5 Foods for perfect nails

If you have dry nails: Eat fat

Essential fatty acids found in fatty fish, chia, and flax seeds may moisturize nail beds.

If you want harder nails: Eat protein

Consume at least 6 ounces of high quality protein daily like eggs, chicken, and fish.

If you have dull nails: Eat iron-packed foods

Fill your plate with dark green leafy vegetables, beans, and eggs for a boost of iron.

If you have vertical ridges: Eat Magnesium

Grab a handful of almonds daily for a good . of magnesium to help prevent ridges in nails.

If you have weak nails: Eat Biotin

Eggs contain a good . of biotin which plays a role in the development of keratin, a nail strengthener.

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