Multiple award winner and a legend making blacks proud all over the world is, Edward Regan Murphy. One cannot call Hollywood legends without calling this man. He stands out and has been able to fit himself into all genres and styles in acting. I daresay Hollywood would not be complete without him as he can be said to be the ”King of Comedy”. It’s about time we spoke about his top movies to back up what makes him a legend as he is called;eddie murphy5. Shrek (2001)
One cannot mention Eddie Murphy and not make mention of this particular movie. Yes, it is animation but it stands out, no cap. The enduring legacy of Shrek is undeniable. It has become required viewing for all children of any age, just mention Shrek anywhere and everyone knows it’s the green guy with the round head (lol). Shrek is also the funniest Eddie Murphy has been since his streak of hits in the 1980s. The movie spawned three hit sequels, not to mention a couple of TV specials and amusement park rides, at one point.
Starring Eddie Murphy as the voice “Donkey,” Shrek’s faithful sidekick, who loves boulders and supports Shrek even as Shrek barely tolerates Donkey at times. Murphy steals many a scene in the movie and delivers countless classic lines. Really, it’s one of the few times in Murphy’s later career that delivers as more family-friendly Eddie Murphy. Part of what he lost when he stopped starring in rated R movies, he regained in Shrek, but without the dirty language, I must say.

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4. Eddie Murphy: Raw (1987)
On the opposite side of the Eddie Murphy spectrum from Shrek is Eddie Murphy: Raw. Raw is decidedly NOT family-friendly, but it is a one-of-a-kind concert/standup film that is, without a doubt, some of the funniest 90 minutes of standup ever delivered. Raw was Eddie Murphy at the pinnacle of his comedic powers.
Sure, it’s insanely politically incorrect. Hell, it was politically incorrect in the ’80s when it was released in 1987; some of the jokes are downright offensive today as society has definitely evolved. But they are really funny. How many standup acts are released as full-fledged theatrical releases? Not many, and that alone shows just how insanely popular Eddie Murphy was at the time and till date.

3. Trading Places (1983)
Eddie Murphy’s character Billy Ray Valentine (Capricorn) in Trading Places was the perfect role for him. He was a down-and-out homeless man, plucked from the streets by the ultra-wealthy Duke brothers so they can play a game of social engineering by turning Valentine into a successful banker while simultaneously ruining the career and life of a successful banker, played by Dan Aykroyd.
Eddie Murphy’s star was burning red hot at this point in his career, and it shows in this performance. He was again nominated for a Golden Globe for Trading Places, but that hardly matters because what it does best is show how freaking funny he is from the start to the end. In a film filled with comedic geniuses, like Dan Aykroyd and Don Ameche, Eddie Murphy truly outshines them all as the star of Trading Places, I daresay.

2. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
After starring with Dudley Moore in the bomb Best Defense in the summer of 1984, critics questioned if that brightly burning star from Trading Places had burned out. Well, by Christmas of that year, that question was answered with a resounded “no way!” with the release and massive success of Beverly Hills Cop. Part comedy and part action flick, Beverly Hills Cop had us glued to our screens.
Beverly Hills Cop without a doubt established how huge a star Eddie Murphy had become because not only was it a huge hit, but the movie about a Detroit cop that goes to Beverly Hills to investigate his buddy’s murder in a classic fish out of water story is brilliant everywhere and Murphy’s performance is about as perfect as a performance in a comedy can get.

1. Coming To America (1988)
There is a million reason why Coming To America is number one on this list, but most of all, over the years, it has become a legend amongst classics that transcends generations. It’s a timeless love story combined with a brilliant comedy that isn’t a rom-com. In it, Eddie Murphy, for the first time, plays multiple roles, and we have to give it to him, he killed each and every role, none was over or underplayed.
His co-star Arsenio Hall also plays multiple roles and together they are terrific. The movie’s reputation has grown over the years, and things like pop-up McDowell’s restaurants, Queens in New York, and a long-awaited sequel are just a number of examples of how times Coming To America has been.
Yes, I said it, a long-awaited sequel, after 30 years is here, and Coming 2 America is back to sweep us off our feet with laughter and a fantastic storyline. Part two of this legendary movie premieres in cinemas on March 5, and FilmHouse Cinemas will be the first African cinema to premiere this legendary movie. So mark the date and venue, as I bet you would want to be part of the first set of people to watch Coming 2 America.
So, with the sequel to this classic, we hope to see a renaissance in Eddie Murphy’s career and a return to the kind of movies that made him the king of comedy in the eighties? We can certainly hope so! Watch the trailer of Coming 2 America below;

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