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Effects Of Too Much S*x



This list of the effects of having too much s*x will give you a bit of incentive to pace yourself during your next s*x session. The effects of too much s*x maybe uncomfortable. but for the most part they aren’t anything that a quick break and keeping plenty of lubricant on hand can’t handle. The effects of too much s*x are generally soreness and a temporary loss of sensation, but in extreme cases the effects of too much s*x can lead into the dark and murky world of s*x addiction.

Getting sore-Perhaps the most annoying effects of too much s*x is the soreness. The friction that is created during s*x can be totally hot, but too much friction–especially dry friction–can cause you to become sore during and after s*x. The best way to save your naughty bits from friction is to take a break or make sure to keep plenty of lubrication on hand.

Dopamine overdose- Dopamine is one of many hormones that the brain produces during s*x. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that drives us to have s*x and makes it oh so very, very good. One of the effects of having too much s*x is your body needs more and more dopamine to feel good and maintain our natural s*xual high. Some scientists have even suggested that there may be a link between dopamine and s*xual addiction.

Difficulty keeping your mojo going- Going at it for hours and hours on end may make you feel like a s*x machine for awhile, but sometimes that can do more harm that good. When you’re having a marathon s*x session you’re not giving your body or your naughty bits time to rest and replenish oxygen. This lack of oxygen can lead to decreased blood flow and premature Release. And that is one of the effects of too much s*x that no one wants to deal with.

Loss of sensation- Friction not only can cause you to be sore, but it can also cause you to temporarily loose sensation. If you take a breather the sensation will return and you can go back to being the devastatingly irresistible lover that we all know you to be, but if loss of sensation happens often or lasts for more than a few minutes, it’s time to have the doc take a look at your under carriage. Loss of sensation, no matter how temporary is one of the effects of too much s*x that we can defiantly do without.

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