Elozonam Vents About Diane\’s Ultimate Betrayal 1

More drama from the BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion show, as Elozonam, lays it out in public, how Diane played him and chose a certain MG over him. \"\"\"\"

Elozonam and Diane were quite a cute couple together in the house, but their relationship just never clicked nor took-off after the show was over, Elo said he had to let go and move on after he caught Diane flirting and giving the supposed other guy “MG” more attention and less to him. Just to help fill the blanks the MG guy is Ghanaian actor Mawuli Gavor.  \"Elozonam


Mawuli Gavor was invited to the BBNaija victory party by Diane, which went to together with Elozonam. Diane left the party with MG leaving Elozonam outside the gate waiting for her. She allegedly drops the call on him when he tries finding out where she was.
Diane and the actor were even filmed talking to each other at the party, and left the party with him to a hotel.


\"\"Watch the video of Elozonam talk about how he was treated by Diane;

Mercy’s facial expression is everything 😂😂
That moment you knowyour friend fuck*d up.
We ladies can relate to that look.

Diane Did Elozonam dirty. #BBNaijaReunion

— Tweetblog9ja (@tweetblog_9ja) June 30, 2020

Here is the video of the party that Elozonam took Diane, and she ended up going home with Mawuli Gavor (MG).#BBNaijaReunion2020 #BbnaijaPepperdemReunion

— JOE CRACK 🇳🇬 (@GassaMunga) June 30, 2020

Elozonam said he had a friend over in his room and he was venting to her when Diane knocked on his door.

The reality TV star said he doesn’t feel he overreacted in any way to the whole situation with Diane and he feels the reason they didn’t work out was because he feels she was distracted by other people.

Speaking on Jackye and Mike’s relationship, Ike said they were more like brother and sister.

Jackye also explained why she defended her cheating boyfriend while in the House and she said she went into her relationship thinking that fairytales were real and she learnt the hard way.

Watch The full video from BBNaija reunion last night here 


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Elozonam Vents About Diane\’s Ultimate Betrayal 1

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