End Of The Road For These Beauty World Centre Shops?


Tuition centres, Korean restaurants and dance studios now make up the majority of shops seen in Singapore’s Beauty World Centre.

Built in 1984 to house over 150 stalls from the old Beauty World Market, the strata mall’s original shopowners are struggling with the changing times, even with Beauty World MRT located nearby. Photo developer Mr Chan, with his defunct Konica printing machine, has decided to close his unit and hears that a 7-Eleven will be opening up where his shop was. Traditional Chinese Medical Hall shopowner Mr Ho is waiting eagerly for an en bloc sale as his TCM business struggles to stay afloat.


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  1. Please leave the place alone. Change and adapt tenants if you must but the building and vicinity is fine. Stop en bloc-ing and redeveloping every part of the country. There's no need, the old structures do the job fine and in fact are probably built better than most of the new ones. No to mention all the dust, noise and inconvenience. Just leave things as it is for a few years and enjoy some peace and quiet for once

  2. Printing shops are needed. Those couples who've lost entire wedding and baby photo albums from hard drive failure are regretting not immortalizing them in good old print photos. Photo taking stations aren't really needed especially for the savvy though. Get your own camera, even your handphone and a tripod and you're pretty much set. Don't even need to print it when renewing or applying passport.

  3. sad to say this but every beginning has and end.but for these kind of people i salute all of you.God is a good provider,don't you worry cause A God's No is a Blessing..💝 from the Philippines.


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