#EndSARS: I Got My Courage To Join The Protest From Female Protesters

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Afropop star, Davido was earlier today on DJ Cuppy’s radio show the Apple Radio Africa Now show, where he disclosed that he got the courage to attend the #EndSARS protest and join his voice in the movement from female protesters.  Davido

Davido whose involvement in the protest went viral when he joined the protest in Abuja, Davido sat on the floor with other youth protesters who had demanded the complete scrapping of the now-defunct F-SARS police unit and the reform of the entire Nigerian police system. Davido who said when he arrived at the scene of the protest, the protesters were angry at him for joining the protest late.

Davido said,

“I got my courage from all the other youths that went out there before me. They had been protesting for days before I even went there. I would say those people gave me a lot of courage especially the females, the women that were there protesting.
“When I first got there they were attacking me and people were even angry at me that why am I just coming? Where have I been? I could see the pain on the faces of Nigerians. Especially with the background that I am from, I felt it would be very insensitive for me not to lend my voice. The next day, I went to see the Inspector General of Police and it was not really productive if you ask me. What I mean by productive is the fact that they did not act on our demands.”

The Fem singer commented on his viral picture where he was seen sitting on the ground with other protesters with his hands raised in the air. He explained that it was his way of signalling that he came in peace.

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“In the picture of me that circulated around social media where I was sitting on the floor with my hands in the air, all I was trying to do was to inform them that I come in peace. I watch a lot of news and protests that are staged all over the world and that is what I see them do. That is why I asked everyone to sit on the floor. It was amazing to be part of that.”

Davido further spoke about becoming an anthem for the #EndSARS protest,

“Fem being the anthem for the protest was just a matter of timing. I recorded Fem since May. There is a post on my page where I put a 20 seconds snippet of Fem way back in June. I did not see this coming. When I released the song, I realized that three weeks later everybody was singing it at protest grounds. When I went to the National Assembly building they said that I went to record a song for them. I had to explain to them that I had recorded the song since June. I was happy that they used my song as a voice for a non-violent protest. They were really enjoying it.”

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