#EndSARS: Presidential Panel Should Contain Youths

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Tacha Akide (source: Instagram)

Tacha Akide (source: Instagram)

Former reality TV star, Tacha has said that youths have to be part of a presidential panel which will dialogue on how to end the EndSARS protests across the country.

Tacha said that the youths have to be people who understand the hunger and pains felt by Nigerians.

The reality TV star who has participated in the EndSARS protests made the request in a video she shared.

“We are doing great. I never thought that a day like this will come when Nigerians will be this United.

“Whether you are out there protesting on the streets or online retweeting, we are all doing great.

“But guys we need a plan.what is the plan, 5 for 5 is being met in Lagos another question is, is 5 for 5 been met in Plateau, Cross-River, Abuja and other states in the country.

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“We have 36 states in this country make them no de do like say na only one state de Nigeria.

“We need a plan. A panel has been set up by the government and we need Nigerian youths in that panel.

“We need people that can relate to our pains in that panel, not the same old recycled leaders who can’t relate to our pains.

“They can’t relate to our pains, they can’t relate to hunger, they have never starved before and they have never shot their siblings or family members before so they can never relate.

“We need Nigerians, young Nigerians who understand this movement in that panel. They cannot be saying a maximum of six months for something that can be sorted and done if we have smart Nigerian youths in that panel in a couple of weeks,” she said.

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