England Takes On Scotland, As Croatia Sets Out To Restore Hope Of Qualification Against Czech Republic

Former Balon d’Or winner Luka Modric leads his country in the fight for qualification for the second at the Euro 2020, and today that fight will be against their Balkan neighbors from the Czech Republic. While the two teams from the British Isles, England and Scotland will also lock horns later tonight at Wembley as the battle for supremacy amongst the teams of the UK resurfaces.

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Both Czech Republic and England won their first games of the group stage, and look to consolidate and guarantee qualification for the second round. Both games are bound to me be exciting to watch.
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England Vs Scotland

While Scotland also looks to give itself hope of qualification at the expense of their British brothers.
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Below are the results of the Euro 2020 games from yesterday;

N.Macedonia 1 Vs Ukraine 2

Belgium 2 Vs Denmark 1

Netherland 2  vs Austria 0

Matches played and to be played later today;

Sweden 1 Vs Slovakia 0        Krestovsky Stadium

Croatia Vs Czech Republic      Hampden Park

England Vs Scotland              Wembley

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