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English Doctor Raise £51,000 To Save Ghanaian Toddler Born With Organs Outside His Body



Three-year-old Ghanaian toddler, Ethan Suglo,will get life-saving surgery thanks to a chance meeting with an English doctor.

Ethan was born with a condition called Exomphalos (which means his organs are outside his abdomen) will get the life-saving surgery on Wednesday.

Dr. David Williams had gone to Ghana last year to visit his daughter who was teaching English and working on a radio show when he met Ethan’s father Charles, who also worked at the radio station.

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Dr. Williams was asked to examine Ethan and within a year the English doctor and his wife Jacquie helped to raise around £51,000 to fly the toddler to the UK for surgery.

Dr Williams and his family
Dr Williams (right) and his family

Looking back on the day he met Ethan in July 2015, Dr. Williams told the Press Association.

“I was asked when I went out, because I’m a doctor, just to have a look at Ethan. So I went thinking I’d see a little African boy with a swollen tummy… malnutrition and worms, and when I got there I was just shocked by what I saw.

“I’d never seen it before, certainly not in a two-year-old. I don’t think I’d ever seen it in my career, I’ve been a doctor 20 or 30 years and I’d never seen this case.

“I wasn’t sure at that time what would be involved, but I did look Charles in the eye and said I’d do what I could to help.”

He said he thought he would contact Ghanaian or Nigerian surgeons and the surgery could be carried out locally, but it quickly became apparent that Ghana did not have the facilities or expertise.

Dr. Williams, from Stretton-on-Fosse on the Warwickshire-Gloucestershire border, contacted professors and surgeons in England and a paediatric surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital said he could do the operation.

He was told that £25,000 would need to be raised, so in March a fundraising campaign was launched to cover the cost of the operation, flights and additional costs.

Ethan and his father
Young Ethan and his father

Dr. Williams said that he has been told the total currently sits at around £51,000 thanks to events such as cake sales and half marathons, as well as help from charity Willing and Abel.

He said he would use the extra money to help other children.

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Ethan’s father, Charles said the kindness of Dr. and Mrs. Williams is bringing a lot of joy and excitement to his family. “It’s a miracle,”he said.

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