Enough Is Enough! Naira Marley Blows Hard On SARS

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Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has taken to social media to speak about the clamor for the end of the operations of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Naira Marley

The ‘Opotoyi’ singer urged all youths to come out en masse to protest against their activities.

He also stated that he would not be leading the protests, as he would not want to end in Kirikiri Prison.

“All I’m saying is we need to stop protesting on Twitter because that’s all we’ve been doing. We need to protest in real life, just say you’re scared and you will rather tweet from home.

“If you all want me to lead the protest I will lead but just know that they will send me to kirikiri prison this time.

“Don’t forget guys just incase u see any sars or any forces there on Tuesday don’t start any fight. We are allowed to ask questions? But remember no fight, no vandalism. peaceful protest. Thanks.

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“So on tuesday we got some sars coming out with us. The ones that claim to only come out for big operations and not the dirty works on road..they’re coming out to show support and to answer some questions, we also got some police officers and soldiers joining the protest.”

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