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Erotic Story: Read, Grace the House Girl Home Alone with Madam’s Nephew



Waking up for the last couple of days had been slightly painful, her body arched after it was taken for a roller coaster . papa Doris, it took a lot of work for her madam not to realize something was wrong, she had to stay away from her . as he took every chance to grab her a*s.

She stretched then left to fetch water, she did her chores slowly like she’s been doing the last couple days, she prepared breakfast and prepare the kids for school, when she was doing her dishes the kids screaming startled her

“Uncle Matthew” they all screamed in unison while scrambling to the main door

She looked back to see Matthew, he was her madam’s nephew that was schooling in the University of Abuja, he usually came around once in a while before he travelled home, she rinsed her hands and went to hug him and collected his load, she welcomed him with smiles, she liked when he came around, they would gist and he would tell her stories about his school. He went in greeted her madam who was happy to see him, he was going to be sending three days with them before he travelled to his hometown, she served him breakfast and went back to her chores.

Soon everyone went about their business and the compound started to look empty, part of her errand for the day is to buy meat and cook Jollof rice as Matthew was around, she went to get the meat so she can cook fast and have more time to catch up with him, she cooked the food and stored it in a warmer. She went to sit with him in the living room.

“How have you been na” he said as she sat beside him

“Nothing o, I just dey” She said

They caught up with him telling her about his school and soon the conversation drifted to the girls he has been with, she was going through his pictures as he kept telling her about the girls he spoke to on the phone, she was sliding through the phone when she came across a picture of a unclad girl in front of a mirror, her face was not in the picture though, she kept staring.

“You like what you see?” He asked

“No, is that how her dis thing is?” she stammered

“She’s shaven clean” he said

She nodded looking away shyly, she thought about her own bushy p*ssy feeling insecure, he must have figure out that’s what was on her mind, he moved closer and asked if she was shaven down there which she said no and looked away.

“Maybe I can help” he said searching her face

She looked at him not knowing what to say, he stood up and went inside and came out with a black nylon, he brought out a box of clipper from the nylon and looked up at her, she nodded and he went to set up, she sat awkwardly till he motioned to he when he was done, come and lay down he said to her, she came and laid down stilly on the floor, he looked at her and she looked away.

He pulled her pant down and lifted her gown to her waist, he turned on the clipper and stopped for a while and brought it to her p*ssy, the vibration made her gasp, she relaxed a bit as he kept going, she closed her eyes as the vibrations felt both weird and good.

After sometime the vibration stopped and she opened her eyes, he was gathering the hair to the side, he started to dust off the tiny hair on her now shaven p*ssy, his hands on her felt good, he rubbed down till his hand felt her wetness he stopped and looked at her.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly opened, he rubbed her clit seeing her shudder a bit, he slip a finger into her wet p*ssy and saw her eye open, they stared at each other for a while, he smiled and brought his mouth to her shaven p*ssy.

The feeling of his warm tongue on her clit felt great, she opened her mouth but nothing came out, he pushed his tongue into her p*ssy and sucked, he could tell it was her first time getting head, he sucked harder and flicked her clit fast, he pushed his tongue in and out faster, she clamped his head in place with her legs and he worked harder, soon her fingers were grabbing his head as she came hard, he lapped her c*m clean.

He looked up to see the look on her face as her hand came down to touch her shaven p*ssy. He knew the next few day would be fun.

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