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Ex-Wife Of The Ooni Of Ife Sends Congratulatory Message To HimZUMI



Ooni Of Ife’s ex-wife, Queen Zaynab-Otiti Obanor has congratuled the Ooni and his new wife, Olori Shilekunola Naomi.

The Ooni of Ife was married to Queen Wuraola Zaynab for about 17 months. Their marriage crashed over a year ago for reasons unknown to the general public. Queen Wuraola, though unmarried now has since moved on with her life advocating for the rights of women and children as she has always done.

The Ooni Of Ife welcomed a new wife to his palace just last week and contrary to what a lot of people would expect, Queen Wuraola posted a congratulatory message on her Instagram wishing the new couple a blissful union.

Her post read:

“It was once said that there is nobility in compassion, beauty in empathy and grace in forgiveness. Congratulations to The Ooni and his new bride, Shilekunola Naomi Moronke Oluwaseyi. May God bless your union.”

It’s nice to see Olori Wuraola is letting bygones be bygones and wishing the new couple well regardless of how their marriage ended. Very mature if you ask us.

Some people think the Ooni’s new wife looks a lot like BBNaija’s Ahneeka. What do you think?






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