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EXPILICIT! Why Most Beautiful Women Are Lazy In Bed



Is there any truth to the stereotype that hotter girls have nothing to offer but their beauty? Are they less able to please you in bed, take care of you, and have pleasing personalities? Or is the stereotype propagated by guys who use it as an excuse for their inability to attract beautiful women?

Personally, I only started attracting lots of hot women once I began getting popular as a writer. Before that, I would work extra hard to get a hot a chic. But that was exciting in a way. I learned valuable skills on how to attract hot women because I only used to get hit on by average looking women who felt they could have a chance with me. Then tables turned and hot women started coming to me. However, after years of dating the models and angels, I have realized one thing. Average looking girls have something beautiful girls lack. And that’s the ability to treat men like kings.

I believe there is truth to the stereotype. It comes down to basic logic: a beautiful girl doesn’t have to be anything else but be beautiful to get high value men. Because men value beauty more than anything else, an 8 or above doesn’t have to work as hard on other things that may make a man happy.

This applies to hot guys as well. I’ve noticed that the better looking a guy, the less game he has with women. He simply doesn’t need game because “good enough” girls will always be approaching him. This sets the stage, thankfully, for less attractive guys to take advantage. If you look at a lineup of guys who have banged over 100 girls in their lifetime, most of them will be merely average looking. The “hot” guys get quickly ensnared in long-term relationships because it’s easier for them to do so.

The best se x I’ve had was from a mediocre girl who let me treat her bodies like a toy. When I was in first year at KU, I remember sleeping with a third year momo who blew my mind in bed. She made positive editorial . about my manhood and my powerful thrust. She begged me to do wicked things to her and she complemented every move I made. I worked on that that poor girl’s ‘P’ and mouth until she was weak, but she still pleaded for more as if I was her dungeon se x master.

Now compare that to the pretty girls. Thy make a man happy and they are awesome for showing off purposes but the se x is merely average. There is no need for them to beg a man to do wicked things to them in bed because they know he’ll still contact them again regardless. When smashing a hot girl, it’s you who has to prove to them that you are good enough for her to let you in another day.

Girls will only do enough nastiness in the bedroom to keep you on the line, and hotter girls know they can lay there like a dead fish and still keep you coming back for more. They unconsciously understand a man’s genetic weakness for beauty, a fact that modern-day feminists like to deny.

While hotness in a girl is a sign that she will put less effort into satisfying you, it’s possible for you to find the exception. You may find the girl with the complete package, who is exceptionally beautiful and prefers being treated like a ‘cu m’ bucket in bed. Unfortunately, I have not found this girl. In the meantime I will continue dating beautiful women because I have an image to protect but I will gladly continue banging all types of women to satisfy not only my genetic need for beauty but also my need for se xual adventure.

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