If you think the only way women can achieve orgasm is through se x or masturba tion, think again. The vagina is a really fascinating body part and the right stimulation can cause some pretty interesting sensation.
Here are five surprising ways a woman can achieve o rgasm.

1. While Asleep
Sleep orgasms are completely real. This an actual physical org asm. Most people, when they wake up, will remember having an ero tic dream. Yet while men will have physical evidence of an orga sm (yes, male sleep orga sms are better known as “wet dreams”), women will have only the memory. According to research, during REM sleep some women will have increased blood flow to their clit oral complex. They brain recognizes that you have more blood flow in those tissues, and it can lead to se xual arousal.

2. While Exercising
Researchers reckon exercised-induced orgasms can be triggered when the endorphins and dopamine releases during exercise are combined with tension in our core muscles. Coregasms are “expanded orgasms” that spread to the lower belly and legs. They feel very different from a vag inal orgasm, and are more similar to a clitoral orgasm.
The 2014 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB), revealed that just 10% of men and women have experienced an orgasm during exercise – with the majority revealing nobody else noticed, but they felt it.

3. While Breastfeeding
Reaching orgasm through breast and nipple stimulation is perfectly normal, as these areas activate the same sensory area of the brain that lights up when you stimulate the clit oris, va gina and cervix. Breastfeeding orgasms are no exception.
Though not commonly discussed, many women who have experienced orgasms while breastfeeding report that the experience is sensual, but not se xual. The connection between breastfeeding and orgasm is two-fold: our ni pples and brea sts can be highly sensitive during this time period and the release of oxytocin, which is linked to orgasmic uterine contractions as well as milk ejection, can facilitate the physical response.

While some women are uncomfortable with these sensations, the reality is that our bodies sometimes respond to physical stimulation even if our minds are at odds with the physiological response.

4. During Childbirth
Sangeeta Freeman recently made the news after reporting that she achieved orgasm while giving birth to her child. The 42-year old claimed it was the most amazing orgasm of her life.
Experts do agree this is a possibility. It is believed that it happens as result of the combination of direct physical stimulation and hormonal surges experienced during labour.

5. During Yoga
Yoga may be good for the body, mind and soul, but the latest research suggests that it may also have se xual benefits beyond strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.
Reports of impromptu orgasms during group classes has led to the coining of a new term, yogasms. Some practitioners even specialize in orgasmic yoga touting it as a transformative practice that can be practiced alone, with a lover or as part of a group.


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