Every woman is born beautiful and in different make naturally, but you find that every woman has a different face shape. Here with find they’re listed below for reference; Oval, Round, Long, Heart faced as the case may be. But as of now we are talking about Braided Hairstyles for Round face shapes black women pull in trendy designs on different braid materials and all look great. So it gives you more options to choose a particular braid and length of hair that won’t let you down but just to match your face shape. With all these hairstyles shown in the article below you can’t fail to pick the best among all that will impress your heart.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-1

Round faces look cute with long box braids on every black woman skin tone from the age teens to below fifties.

At the age of fifties you find that many women cut their hair short to avoid spending much time combing their hair and at the same time short hair makes them look young as age clocks first. Box braids look ordinary to any woman but what makes a difference when you plait is the kind of designs you make out of them to look enticing. This lady shown in the picture above did small long box braids that fall off shoulders in natural black color.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-2

Believe in yourself and know what exactly looks good on you then what ever you wear or put on your body let’s say hairstyles,

outfit or even dress shoes will automatically shine on you. This black women right before you chose a trendy hairstyle that matched with her round face as in she fell for short Afro Kinky braided hair featuring in black color and she looked marvelous. Short hair is comfortable, doesn’t cause stress and with this kind of hair you need no combing just apply hairspray in large amounts since it looks so dry that’s to keep it moisturized all time.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-3

Surely Round Faces can be that beautiful to add with any hairstyle in any length no matter any fiber you apply and you score high.

Look at this African American lady shining with long hair box braids that is parted on to the sides and joined into bigger braid because of its length it’s then folded backwards. This hair looks great in color or when you decide to leave it in natural black whatever you still merge out stunning. Apart from pulling long boxes this lady in front of you went ahead to cut a curvy eye brow, she painted it in mild color then she painted her eyes too in black bold color to impress everyone. She never left out adding small but colorful ears featuring in white and for sure her looks are impressive.

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10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-4

You find that their numerous hair styles you can pull on round face shape even when it seems long to be short and comfortable.

This hairstyle looks simple to make and it is very true indeed but you can collect all hair at the center of the crown and make a nice high bun. This hairstyle is light to carry and works great on hot seasons since hair doesn’t touch your body. This hairstyle is easy to style by you at home as in you gather all hair from all angles towards the crown, tie a rubber band at the bottom then twist it around the crown going high. And with an elastic and round hair puff holder turn it round hair until it stretches no more to keep hair tight.

10 Eye Catching Braided Hairstyles for Round Faces-5

Choose an elegant hairstyle on around face shape that will make you look good for any destiny and earn you compliments where ever you go.

You don’t need to spend lots of money to look this elegant but if you choose a nice weave brand , a professional hair stylist plus a nice hair design for sure your looks will be eye catching. This hairstyle is good for formal, parties, weddings and casual and what next you will here is everybody consulting you on how to make it. Be lenient enough to give them the formula you shouldn’t be reserved for useful information. Also pull with unique earrings, necklace or bracelet and dress shoes to earn more value.

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