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Fadda Dickson Tricked Me To Appear On McBrown’s Show – Funny Face Reveals | VIDEO

Fadda Dickson Tricked Me To Appear On McBrown\’s Show – Funny Face Reveals

Fadda Dickson Tricked Me To Appear On McBrown’s Show – Funny Face Reveals

Actor Funny Face has finally made peace with his brother Lilwin while both characters appeared on Nana Ama McBrown‘s late-night show on UTV.

The two -Funny Face and Lilwin – literally fought on the show as matters were being discussed between the two. They later agreed to smoke the peace pipe and finally, they are back at being very good friends.

Funny Face has just taken to his official Instagram page to reveal to the world how the entire meeting happened.

According to Funny Face, he was tricked by Fadda Dickson to appear on the late-night show.

“To everything that goes up surely comes down …not been on good terms with my brother officiallilwin for a while .. but we smoked da piece pipe yesterday. Tempers were high initially .. cos I didn’t wanna pretend for showbiz … but later words from Councilor Edumata , @bullhaus and @iamamamcbrown settle tempers and we Kool together now .. big ups to @faddick .. daddy u really tricked me to come paaa .. u did surprise me with Kwadwo on da show .. it’s all good .. and oh Ghana 🇬🇭 pls forgive me if I overreacted is been series of issues .. but I have let it all out and am Kool with Kwadwo now .. United we stand .. divided we fall .. Now let’s bring GHANA MOVIE BACK to its glory days .. One Ghana 🇬🇭 One life to live .. live it and be real .. never pretend or fake 🙏❤️🇬🇭✊🕊 TO GOD BE THE GLORY ✅🙏,” Funny Face noted in lengthy post explaining everything.

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