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Fair City Came Back From Lockdown With Plenty Of Drama

\"FairFair City Came Back From Lockdown With Plenty Of Drama.

On Sunday’s episode, Damien and Mairead reminisce on the happier moments of lockdown. Damien enlightens Pete on what a celebrity free pass is. Damien wonders who Mairead’s celebrity free pass is. Mairead refuses to give Damien any hint on her free pass.

Rob snaps at Renee to throw her off the scent

Meanwhile, Melanie sings the praises of Bob’s lockdown charity work, but a worrying phone call from his brother Jim leaves Bob speechless. Bob stresses about Renee’s extravagant spending. Bob admits to Melanie that he’s broke. Bob hides the dire financial situation from Renee. A phone call from Jim gives Bob hope.

Dolores is surprised at the bond Bronagh and Will have forged due to the pandemic. After receiving his care during the pandemic, Renee doubts the accusations against Will. Will invites Bronagh to a party. Bronagh lies about her plans for the evening to Will. Will catches Bronagh out on her lie.

Co-habitation in lockdown has taken its toll on Doug and Erica. Erica confesses that she’s lied to Dolores about how well she and Doug are getting on. Doug admits to Dolores that living with Erica is no bed of roses. Erica steels herself to ask Doug to move out but Doug gets the question in first.

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