The So White! This exfoliating Gel is far more than the simple shower gel with rich foam, has delicate fragrance & exfoliating micro-balls. 


PRICE: N5,000


This beauty exfoliating gel re-awaken your senses and boost skin energy with this invigorating shower gel. Embraces dull skin with gentle polishing grains, removing dead skin cells and impurities, responsible for a dry dull skin. Cleanses and refines, improving skin texture well tolerated by sensitive skin.

So White Exfoliating shower Gel is one of it kind skincare body exfoliate with micro-balls for every skin type. Frequent use, makes dry skin becomes more softer and smoother and open up your skin pores to receive and absorb well your skin beauty lotion or moisturizer for a better result with clearer skin tone.

*** Most users reviews says why this product is a must have in their skin beauty regimen*** 

Users review- ” After scrubbing with So White exfoliating gel, it leaves skin smooth, sleek and lively. Skin looks more cleaned as if got a body skin machine wash. ho ho, hmm… Beauties, don’t you think is worth trying this product with such reviews?  ? Try and let’s know what’s your review.


Make sure you scrub with So White! Exfoliating Gel 10 minutes before bath in the morning on dry skin, scrub skin in anti-clockwise movement, but be gentle when scrubbing your face to avoid redness and possibly skin been wounded. Use as often as needed.

Do you have any experience with this beauty skin scrub or any other? Share it! let’s have your review and rating and if you got any product you will like us to review…email to [email protected]


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