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“Fake News” Obi Cubana Debunks Rumours About Him

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Nigerian billionaire Obi Cubana has debunked rumours about how he and his wife, Ebele struggled out of poverty, beginning life as laundryman and woman, living in an uncompleted building.

The business man revealed in a very current  Instagram post that the  story as fake.

“Just woke up to some online “Super Story” about me and this my babeKai, Social media sha! Hey babe!❤️@lush_eby”, he wrote.Before he waded in, Mazi Jude Pondis, a social media influencer has also dismissed the story in a Facebook post, writing:

In as much as Obi Cubana had his own share of strugles before becoming great today, the public should be aware that there was never a time Obi and his pregnant wife was running laundry services for people and there’s no such story that they washed clothes for somebody and the person didn’t pay, making them to trek a long distance in the middle of the night with his heavily pregnant wife as at a time.

That story was not from the Cubanas. Obi started his business as a peppersoup seller in Abuja and his wife was coming around his shop to patronize him, that was how he summoned courage, asked her out and that was how they got married.

Sometimes I just feel like Obi Cubana and wife should organize a marriage seminar for single people to coman learn how to marry marriage because these couple are huge inspiration to singles and marred people. He knows how to take care of his wife and the wife don’t play with him. They’ll last 600 years in marriage I’m sure of that

Here is the fake news making rounds. Please stamp it fake anywhere it rears its head.



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