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Falana Is Set To Release Upcoming Project This Week

After waiting for so long, the music gods seem to have heard us as Falana is set to release new music on November 16.

It’s no doubt that Falana is one of the most underrated singers in Nigeria. However, it would’ve been nice to have gotten an EP at the very least in the past four years. As one of the women taking over the alté music genre, her voice and style are unique. The last time she released any music at all was when we first fell in love with her in 2014. And since then, she has kept us waiting with bated breathes to hear her voice.

Thankfully, she just teased a snippet of her upcoming project titled “Ride or Die” on her Instagram page. In the post, she stands boldly atop a flight of stairs, holding our gazes as the beat drops. We have so many questions about this project especially if there will be a followup EP at least.

Given her discography, this song could be the perfect jam to usher in the new year. We will find out when the project drops on November 16. Until then, listen to the snippet below:







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