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Fashion》Leather Up! Leather Fall Fashion Trends 2022: See 32 Best Outfits

Thanks to its high thermal insulation, leather reigns as one of the best materials to wear during the Fall and Winter seasons. As the temps head further south, cozy pieces like knitwear are staying mainstream, and leather isn’t far behind. Recent fashion weeks have seen witty designers turn leather into one of the most versatile fabrics as they leverage it for almost any fashion item s opposed to its earlier use for shoes, bags, and jackets. Whether faux, vegan, or authentic, leather is now a mainstay, even in the cold, and there’s no better time than now to leather up!

After decades in fashion, this rock ‘n’ roll look couldn’t be any sexier in today’s world and has become an integral part of our Fall and Winter wardrobe. Jackets, skirts, pants, dresses…you name it, you can find it in leather! A truly versatile trend, leather outfits are constantly revamped to adapt to current trends.

Leather 101

You should know that there are various grades of leather. Full-grain is the highest quality available. This comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all the grain with it––hence the name full grain. This type retains its inherent toughness, as well as imperfections because there are no surface alterations or splitting. It is of the highest quality and thus, it’s also the most expensive. This type gets more beautiful over time as it develops a patina as it ages––a characteristic that attributes to its popularity.

Next is top grain which is still beautiful but only retains the grain at the top layer. A lot of “real leather” on the market is made of genuine leather, which is a tricky name. People assume when they see “genuine” that it is describing that the leather is genuine, and they equate that with good, but it is the lowest (and the cheapest) grade available that still passes as leather and is used by many fast fashion brands to create cheaper accessories. This kind typically does not last long.

These days, faux leather fabrics that were once frowned upon are seriously stealing the scenes. You will have a hard time recognizing the real from the faux. This is why it is also making a successful comeback and topping Fall/Winter 2022 fashion trends.

Whether you go for the real or faux look, there are several ways to adapt to the new leather trends taking over the world of fashion and there’s no better way to learn than to study how some of the most stylish celebrities and fashion influencers around the world rock theirs.

Style tips:

Leather also goes with almost anything and everything, and this is its greatest advantage. That’s why it never really goes out of fashion. As a versatile fabric, it is all about style, cuts, and details.

You can opt for a blazer to give off the ’90s look or the carrot pants for a sexy street-style appeal, especially when paired with platform shoes. With a leather dress, you will assert your fashionable nature and as for the biker jacket, it is still a timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. Ready to hop on the leather train?

Here are 16 stunning leather looks for Fall 2022 and beyond…

#1. Dresses

There’s no wrong way to leather up with dresses this season. Whether you opt for an A-line dress or a bodycon, leather dresses hold their own. Another amazing reason to snatch a leather dress is that you can get creative with how you work them into an ensemble. Go on, leather up!

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#2. Tops/Blouses

Leather is inarguably a sexy fabric as it flatters your body in really appealing ways. While a dress is a fast way to get into all of this sexiness, you can also dance to the tune with a top/blouse. Think button-down shirts, crops, and everything in between.  

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#3. Jumpsuits/Pants/Skirts

A turtleneck top paired with a leather mini skirt, thigh-high boots, and a neutral-toned coat is always a hit. Explore the amazingness of leather this season with a variety of options like skirts, pants, and even jumpsuits. When rocking your leather in any of these options, the key is to play with neutral-toned outfits for maximum results. Otherwise, you can get creative with outfits of the same hue. This is because leather is an imposing fabric, thus, color-blocking with it isn’t such a great idea.

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#4. Jackets/Blazers/Coats

This is another easy way to get in on all the leather fever. Slip into any outfit combination of your choice and then throw on a leather jacket/blazer/coat for a slay effect. For example, classic denim pants paired with a leather jacket is a stunning look any time or day.

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#5. Two-pieces/Sets

If you’re the girl who’s totally into a coordinated look, then opting for a leather two-piece is sure to make you smile. Several fashionistas have understood the magical powers of this look and they are doing it some serious justice this season.

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#6. Accessories

As stated earlier, there’s truly no way you can’t leather up this Fall/Winter, including with accessories. Whether it’s shoes, bags, or hats, there’s enough leather to go around.

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