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Fashion Friday: Photos/video – Trends for traditional wedding dresses

Many Africans highly esteem their traditional wedding arrangements, dresses, and ideas.

For this reason, it is important to carefully pick the most appropriate dresses to grace this noble occasion.

Traditionally, the bride, bridesmaids, and guests were all required to wear dignified dresses from a range of selections available for wedding occasions.

Traditional wedding dresses are relatively cheaper and come with an array of choices. Further, these dresses are way more attractive compared to the western-world dresses which are less colourful.

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In essence, African wedding dresses mainly match the headpieces.

The groom may at times choose an attire that complements the dress of the bride.

African Wedding Dresses

African Traditional Dresses for Wedding

Most indigenous African wedding dresses are captivating and often crown the mood of the wedding day.

Most traditional African dresses have variant colours which neatly blend throughout the spectrum. 

Many traditional attire designs come with spectacular prints that feature colours such as emerald, mustard, orange, blue, and purple among others.

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Traditional African dresses are exclusive because they come in varied texture, prints, and boldness.

Check out some ideas for your traditional wedding dress in this video

Most nontraditional wedding dresses for the bride are white regardless of their value. Unlike traditional wedding dresses which have mixed colours, western wedding dresses are mainly white. Most white dresses are particularly designed with an A-line part which is asymmetrical to the rest of the dress.

A select colour of jewellery is equally recommended to make them look even more attractive. Apart from their low-cost, saturated colours and minimal colouring makes them a preference for most brides. Several people equally find them decent and modest.

Simple Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Rapid change in technology and cultural interference have collectively influenced the prevalent choices of wedding dresses. It is now even harder to plan a wedding leave alone choosing a suitable dress for the occasion.

To solve this problem mostly experienced in traditional weddings, designers have now resolved to simple nontraditional wedding dresses.

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African wedding dresses for guests have also been re-designed to fit into the modern world and way of living. 

African Wedding

In ancient days, elegant African dresses for weddings were exclusively chosen by their flowering.

This trend is no longer effective; brides are now given enough freedom to integrate their personal preferences into the design and decoration process of the dress.

This recent flexibility is important in making the wedding day more appealing and lively to the viewers. Simple non-traditional dresses offer enough flexibility in design, and these make them more versatile.

Traditional Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Sleeved wedding dresses are rampant in most traditional wedding traditions. Most trendy, traditional wedding dresses, especially those that are short, come with capped long decorative sleeves. Some are en-robed to give them a slimmer finish, making them look stylish. 

In general, traditional wedding dresses are mostly conservative but are uniquely designed to give them a sleek look. In the African setup, the standard wedding gown for the bride is the white trailing.

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The former is slowly becoming replaced with western wedding dresses that come in different colours, designs, and sizes depending on the preferences of the bride.

White wedding dresses became popular with the globalization of Christianity. With civilization taking on, communities have started embracing their indigenous traditional wedding attires.

Western wedding attires are also taking over new arrivals of colours and designs.

African wedding dresses are still more preferred compared to western wedding dresses. 

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