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About Us
Onstreet is a millennial’s one-stop shop for fashion, lifestyle and street style bargaining. It is a platform where the latest design enthusiasts can come together to showcase their proud work under the Onstreet brand, and customers can buy the latest designer products knowing that everything has gone through strict quality control.

Company History
Inspired by real-life experiences the concept of Onstreet is inspired by the youth’s aspirations and struggles. About four years ago our team decided to create a brand that could encourage design students to have a first-hand experience of entrepreneurship without hassles that may hamper their progress. Onstreet was formed to become a community where talented individuals can showcase their products professionally, and the customer can benefit from the best price possible through active bargaining.

Our Vision
We want to revive the art of bargaining, and a personal interaction between the merchants and the buyers on a platform where appealing design and innovation can be showcased.

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Our Mission
Onstreet wants to create a web version of a thriving bazaar. This is a bazaar where anyone with a talent for business and a sense of customer’s need, can feel free to make an honest sale and a rewarding purchase, all of it while in an environment of trust.
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