lot of pregnant ladies have the absurd idea that when pregnant they have to wear bogus clothes, i wonder where that idea comes from. Indeed when pregnant its advisable to go for comfy clothing’s but you don’t have to hide behind your apparel, as you have to enhance your baby bump if not you would appear fatter and more bloated then you really are.

As a pregnant woman, you must look kept and trim, put a lot of effort, as much as you can muster into your entire look. For ladies in their last trimester it is the perfect time to embrace Lycra clothing’s instead of loose style-less gowns that would cover up the baby bumps because you don’t want to look bigger when pregnant and Lycra fabric is perfect because they feel loose and effortless and still manage to cling to your body.

Now for a comfortable feel, invest in maternity jeans as they come with a hidden adjustable panel which gives your stomach extra support, make sure to go for the right size and not two sizes larger. Wrap dresses are also favored as they are pretty comfortable, there aren’t any zips or button to annoy you, go for the ones with a plunging neckline because they can be pretty sexy on pregnant women.

Steer clear of satin fabric as they can be quite uncomfortable, go for cool colors, don’t do anything that’s way too loud. Show off some skin as its the perfect time to  bring your sexy on. Go for skinny jeans or pants, there are a lot of fashion houses that deal in stretchy materials, so show off those assets.

One of the simplest and stress less way to add vibe to your outfit is to add accessories and trims, don’t be subtle this is the perfect time to dazzle, go for long dangling earrings, lariat necklaces that would De-emphasize the fullness in your face. Go for colorful scarfs if you feel to lazy to style your hair, add gold silver or metallic cuffs to your wrist and if you’re not going to be on your feet all day go for sling backs, open toed sandals, low inch pumps as shoew add perk to an outfit.

Final advice: Have fun being pregnant, go to the beach, do a lot of activity that would relax you.

Below are style from pregnant mama’s to be that would inspire your choice:


Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Corporate look 1


Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Corporate Look 2


Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Street style 1


Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Street Style 2


Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Ankara Style 1


Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Ankara Style 2


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