Fatima Diallo Shows How Us To Stay Modest With A Dose Of Style New Fatima Diallo Shows How To Stay Modest With A Dose Of Style 1

For Muslim ladies staying stylish and remaining covered up is usually a very difficult task to carry out and a lot of times they struggle to find the perfect blend and balance that they need to nail this. Stunning style blogger Fatima Diallo is one person who constantly proofs to us that it is easy to do this and guides other Muslimah’s on what to do.

Fatima Diallo

Fatima DialloThe stunning style influencer will make you fall in love with been covered up and staying modest with the whole of your heart. She keeps her style very simple and elegant. For Fatima Diallo as much as she want to be covered, she still don’t want to appear regular.The goal for her is stylish-comfort with a splash of f modesty. She uses style as a means of expression and to also project the beauty of Islam. Her love for modest fashion led her to start her own line which has a collection of stylish modest pieces.
1. Pinktastic

2. All Black ensemble

3. Simplicity never goes out of style
4. Modest-chic

5. Play around with your scarf

6. Brown never looked so good

7. Hajia Belle

8. Bloom
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