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Faux Locs Are Catching Up With Braids! You Should Try It



Looking for the next best thing after braids? Try faux locs!

Faux locs are rapidly gaining recognition as the best thing after braids as they add a little hint of black girl magic to any look. So if you are willing to trade braids for another hairstyle then today might just be your lucky day!

Braids are easier nowadays with wigs and crotchet installation. Yet no alternative method looks better than the traditional method of dividing the hair into parts and then weaving.

Instagram / Eki Ogunbor

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With faux locs, all the pain that comes with the early days of braids installation are non existent because faux locs are to be installed like crotchet.

To make it last longer and for a better looking effect, the hair at the edges are put in traditional braids. Also, they come in different styles like Marley, Yarn and Kanekalon. They all look similar but have different sightings.

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Like braids, they come in colours and in that ombre effect that seems to be in trend now!

Pinterest / Black Hairstyles

Affordable, good looking and with a distinct effect. Faux locs are a no-brainer. Try it out and we’re sure you’d love it. You are welcome!

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