Federal Government has revealed its plan to cut power supply to Benin, Niger and Togo if they fail to pay their bill. The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola noted that the government had issued letters to the countries adding that their failure to pay will result to their power supply being cut off.
Federal Government
Fashola said, “We issued disconnection notices and that is why I’m asking the NBET to go and collect your money because we have duties, obligations and international agreements with them as brother and sister nations. But that does not mean they will not pay us if they are defaulting. So, we have issued letters to them to pay their bills, and from time to time, they pay.
Federal Government
“There was a time one head of state came to visit President Buhari and little did I know that the real reason he came was to come and tell him that the (power) sector had issued a notice of disconnection to his country. And you may be interested to know that President Buhari simply told him to go and pay, otherwise we will disconnect you because we are also paying at home.”
Federal Government
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