A Chinese female lecturer shocked crowds of people when she put on a white wedding dressed and proposed to one of her students.

The lecturer simply identified by her surname Hu, dressed in a traditional white wedding dress, and disguised her face with a white mask and asked for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage outside the boys’ dormitory.

The bridal party drew a large crowd as they stood outside the boy’s dormitory at the university where the male student, Sun was called out. Sun was asked to become the husband of the university staff member.

female lecturer proposes 2

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Dressed much more casually in a yellow t-shirt, Sun was greeted with a bunch of red roses and an acoustic guitar playing in the background.

Sun accepted Hu’s proposal, as the couple shared a kiss to the delight of the hundreds of students watching. Both male and female students dressed in white ‘bridesmaids’ dresses during the proposal.

female lecturer proposes 3

Hu, who is reported to be divorced fell in love with Sun who is 10 years younger. The two met in class at Hunan University of Arts and Science in Changde, a city in Central China’s Hunan Province, and the pair then began a relationship.

For Sun, who graduates in a few weeks, the age gap is not a problem. He says the most important thing is to graduate, find a stable job, and explain his decision to his parents back in his home town of Shandong Province, in East China.

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According to those close to the pair, Hu is not a permanent member of staff at the university in Changde, but a guidance counsellor who gives regular talks. Students at the university wished the pair well and posted pictures on social media platforms.



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