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Femi Branch Takes Swipe At Yemi Solade Over Twitter Ban



Nollywood actor, Femi Branch has taken a swipe at his colleague Yemi Solade for supporting the ban on Twitter in Nigeria.

Solade had backed the ban which was effected after tweets by President Muhammadu Buhari was deleted.

However, Femi Branch who failed to mentioned Solade’s name issued a video slamming all those backing the ban.

“I just want to express myself on the whole Twitter ban, I said I was not going to say anything, but after hearing the comment of someone I don’t want to mention the name, I feel compelled to say something, very quickly,” he said.

“There is nothing good about the Twitter ban. Let’s even get that part sorted. It is only those that are working for or supporting the government that will see nothing wrong with the action of the government.

“We all know the role Twitter plays in our life as people, especially young people. In terms of job and expressing themselves. It is only somebody who is not progressive that will say the ban is a good thing.”


Citing what Solade had earlier said about “Twitter insulting Buhari,” Branch reminded his colleague that Donald Trump, immediate past US president, was removed from the microblogging platform while in power.

“We all know the role Twitter plays in spreading info that saves lives. It has done it severally and it keeps doing it. The Twitter ban isn’t good for our country and image. Why say it insulted the president of a country,” he added.

“Trump was removed from Twitter as a sitting president. For ours, Twitter just removed a tweet from his (Buhari’s) thread. Trump didn’t ban Twitter, even while he had the power to do that. That’s progressive.

“There’s a lot to the issue, which we all know. Let no one come out in support of it. If it’s somebody in government, I’ll understand. But if as a private individual, you call the ban a good thing, you need your brain examined.”

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