Feminine Hygiene Hacks To Help You Through The School year


It is common for many students to get very busy with their school schedules and have almost no time to really take care of themselves. We often neglect ourselves and continue certain habits that may cause havoc to our lady parts and personal hygiene .

So to cut corners effectively we’ve pulled together some feminine hygiene hacks. These hygiene hacks are handy tricks for shaving a few minutes off getting ready for the day. They will also help you get through the day feeling fresher and cleaner for longer.

Multitasking in the shower

Besides singing along to our favourite songs while washing up, try saving some time in the bathroom by getting more than one thing done while bathing. Try brushing your teeth or washing your hair while in the shower. This tip will come in handy when you’re running late for classes especially those morning lectures we all dread.

Feminine hygiene hacks

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Get into the shower in your underwear

Having a little pile of dirty laundry in your room is very common with students. What’s not cool is having dirty underwear stored up… till you have no clean ones left. A good hack is to jump into the shower with your underwear still on because it will leave you with no other option but to wash it immediately since it’s all wet.

Do your morning shower routine at night

Beside the fact that it’s advisable to have a shower before we go to bed this feminine hygiene hack has more to offer than you realise. Having a proper bath at night is a precaution for those days you wake up very late. Don’t lie we’ve all had the experience where we woke up extremely late, jumped out of bed and headed straight to class without bathing. Having a good bath the night before will help take away the insecurities that come with feeling dirty.

feminine hygiene hacks

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Using pantyline’s to absorb sweat

It can be quite embarrassing having to deal with sweat stains throughout the day. You kinda feel like everyone is looking at it since its right there in their faces. A good way to get rid of this is by sticking on a pantyliner in both arm holes of your tops. Very thin liners are great at staying concealed and would get rid of those annoying sweat stains

Lining lace panties

Your precious kitty need to breathe and lace panties definitely restrict that. Still girls gotta feel sexy in underneath all those clothes so here’s a hack for the delicates. Typically lace underwear is light weight and usually made with synthetic fibers. They almost always don’t come with lining at the point of the vagina. A great hygiene hack is to sew on some cotton material on it to serve as an absorbent for your secretions. This prevents the fluids from getting on your clothes and leaving a smell on them.

Make yourself a personal hygiene kit

It’s not hard, simply get a purse and fill it up with everything that keeps you feeling fresh. Ideal content will be a pack of mints, mini perfumes, dental floss, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue, blotting powder and every other thing you find yourself needing that you usually don’t have on you.

feminine hygiene hacks

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Making your perfume last longer

Moisturise your skin first! Some say applying Vaseline to the points of your body which you spray perfume on before you do helps the smell last longer. So for example what you should do is apply Vaseline to you neck before you spray on your perfume. Its easy enough to give it a try so why not. Also always apply perfume to your pulse points.

Get rid of stinky feet
feminine hygiene hacks

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No one wants to have smelly feet and only a select few want to smell that, so to save the noses of the majority an effective hack would be to rub on some essential oil. Adding essential oils to either water or other oils and applying them to your feet will  give your feet and shoes the pampering and the smell it so desperately needs.

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