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Feminism: Apostle Suleman Urges Women To ‘Take Over’


President of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Suleman Johnson, has lent his voice to the growing feminism movement by challenging women to ‘take over’.

Concise News reports that in a video published on Sunday on Celebration TV, the official television channel of Apostle Suleman, the fiery televangelist urged feminists to “empower women”.

“You are not created as a woman to live under a man’s wealth,” Apostle Suleman said.

“There is something now called feminism, and people don’t understand. Even those who are shouting feminism don’t understand what it is to be a feminist.

“Feminism is not gender rivalry; feminism is not gender competitiveness; it is not gender war. It is not even gender-equality. Feminism is gender visibility.

“Stop shouting that women are not respected. If you make money as a woman, man would respect you.

“If there is something you contribute and bring to the table, respect is natural.

“Being a housewife is not good. Don’t be a housewife. Any man that tells you not to work has an inferiority complex.


Feminism: Apostle Suleman Urges Women To ‘Take Over’

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