Fetty Wap Accused Of Not Paying Child Support Or Seeing Daughter In 2 Years

The number of children that Fetty Wap reportedly has is six, but there could be more or less depending on who you ask. One of the mothers of his children, a woman named Lisa who goes by the moniker Turquoise Miami, has a bone to pick with the New Jersey rapper. Lisa and Fetty share a daughter that was born back in 2017, but she took to Instagram with allegations that the rapper hasn’t stepped up to the plate to handle his responsibilities as a father.

In the caption to a post that she later deleted, Lisa uploaded a flyer that showed Fetty would be making three appearances at nightclubs in Texas later this month. “YALL IM FINNA BOOK THIS FLIGHT SO I CAN PERSONALLY ASK THIS N*GGA WHEN HE PLANS TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT OR GET HIS DAUGHTER CAUST ITS BEEN TWO YEARS AND IM CURIOUS.”

After removing . from her page, Lisa shared a few more thoughts on her Instagram Story for people who criticized her. “Y’all crabbin cause I said what I said ion give a f*ck,” she wrote. “Trust me nobody want him or even give a f*ck he not around. There are just times I’m invited to places I really want to go and when I think of the fact that I have nobody to watch her and I can’t even call this n*gga to watch his kid so I can go have a life it pisses me tf off every time I gotta say no so today I got fed up trust me I’m back to not givin a f*ck.”

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She added, “I ain’t had a real break in 4 years and y’all mad at me cause I want a n*gga to get his child for one weekend in her almost 4 years of life well excuseeee the f*ck outta me.” After dropping four crying laughing emojis she ended her message by writing “f*ck y’all.” Check it out below.

Fetty Wap, Lisa, Turquoise Miami, Deadbeat Dad, Kids, Instagram


Fetty Wap, Lisa, Turquoise Miami, Deadbeat Dad, Kids, Instagram


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