Fight against the Death Sentence of Yahaya Aminu-Sharif

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Fight against the Death Sentence of Yahaya Aminu-Sharif.

The musician was sentenced to death by the Sharia court in Kano state, after being accused of blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed.

In the several ways that they can, they have called on the Nigerian authorities to ensure the overturn of Yahaya’s death sentence. Petitions have also been made for anyone and everyone to sign, as their on means of saving Yahaya’s life.

The Nigerian Bar Association, according to The Nation, has offered to defend the singer, and a two-man-fact-finding committee has been constituted to visit the him.

The leaders of the music and entertainment industry have also sent a letter to the executive governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje (OFR), kicking against the singers death.

According to Legit, the US government has also faulted the death sentence passed on the singer.

Here are more of the actions that have been taken in support of Yahaya.




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The fight is not yet over and our voices must be heard! Justice for Yahaya Aminu-Sharif.

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