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How do you find a good man? The truth is that a lot of women look out for the wrong things and they end up wondering why someone who seemed so nice and kind would turn around and hurt them.

To know who what a good man looks like, you have to look past how he treats you.

He’s kind to others

Anyone can be kind to you if they want to impress you. So you can’t base your views on just how he is to you. Watch how he treats family, friends and even those one would consider ‘beneath’ him. When someone is inherently kind, it’s simply who they are regardless of the situation.

He’s selfless

To find a good man, you have to find one who isn’t selfish. There will be times he will put other people’s needs ahead of his.

What Does A Good Man Look Like? Here Are 6 Important Things To Look Out For

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He has humility

A good man is a man who’s humble. He knows to be grateful for what he has. This man knows he can learn from anyone and he does not let his pride keep him from listening to you or anyone who has something useful to say. He isn’t obnoxious and rude. Basically, he accepts that he does not have/know it all.

He cares for himself

How he treats himself will let you know if he’s a good man. He’s clean and takes care of his health. He also knows not to do things that harm his body and mind such as over-indulging in alcohol, taking drugs, having unsafe sex, driving dangerously etc. A man who cares about himself knows the value of caring about others too.

He’s disciplined

If you want to find a good man, look for one who is disciplined. He does what he says he will and he has boundaries that he keeps to.

What Does A Good Man Look Like? Here Are 6 Important Things To Look Out For

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He thinks before he acts

Impulsive people hardly make good men. Any man that cannot think about how his decision can affect others, or even himself, will very likely hurt you in the long run. He should have a good head on his shoulders.

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Do you already have a good man in your life? Share what things you looked out for in the comment below.





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