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How to find the “G-Spot” of a woman



Let’s talk about the G-Spot.

There’s so much controversy around it – Does it exist? Doesn’t it exist? Why is it so important? When it comes to sex, everybody seems to be so obsessed with the G-spot!

What is the G-Spot?

The G-spot exists, but it’s not an anatomical structure like most people expect it to be. It is not that prominent like the tip of your nose you could just find it, push it and everything works out beautifully.

It is an area of the front part of the vagina with lots and lots of nerve endings, and it is just next to a great deal of erectile tissue from the clitoris.

The erectile tissue in women is mostly internal and some of this erectile tissue which surrounds the urethra is called urethral sponge. It is also seen as part of the clitoris itself.g-spot

What is so special about the G-Spot?

Actually, the G-spot is now being called the CUV region, which is the clitoral urethral vaginal complex, a very fancy way of saying exactly the same thing and that’s the area where the G-spot is.

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So when a woman’s erectile tissue fills with blood, the same way guys get an erection, she might feel pleasure if that area is rubbed or pushed against. When not aroused, the same woman might feel irritated, a burning sensation or a sensation as if she has to pee when that area is stroked or rubbed on because the erectile tissue is not full.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to stimulate the G-Spot.

Like I mentioned earlier, the G-spot exists and you don’t have to go all crazy looking for it. But if you do want to stimulate it, the best way is to take your fingers just on the inside of the vagina, about an inch on the front wall, face it up and do a “come here” motion with your fingers, gently stroking it.

Tell your partner how much pressure you would like him to apply on the G-spot.

Ladies, if you want to stimulate your G-spot by yourself it’s best to get a sex toy that’s curved so you can hold onto one handle and the other can be used to press against the inside of your vaginal wall and against the G-spot.

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